Tuesday, 13 February 2018


This one of the latest vid available on YOUTUBE.COM about the Philippines. It is roughly 37 minutes long.?  The truth its not more than 25 mins vid will let you see why the Philippines is quite unique compared to the cultures around south east asia where mostly their ancient cultures have been preserved.. at least? Unlike the Philippines it is somehow and somewhat mixed or perhaps exploited?... indeed you can say from generations to generations this country is slowly but rapidly coping with the modern trends.? or are we still culturally awakening that there are blends of intoxicating but ethnically accepted traditions.? Whether you worship the God of your ancestors or the man made idols of the illustrados and Damasos or perhaps driven by your Islamic tradition from the south in the Mindanaos ... the 7,100 islands is still named after the Spanish armadas king. 

Filipinos are Malays. I mean the original settlers here hundred of years before SriVijaya Empire are of course from the loins of Noah. Descendants of Ham? Perhaps the humid and hot weather is a witness.? But thanks be to God, A new Adam was born into this world has saved us from all the corruptibleness of sin and weird religion as well as the curse that make our world in a system and process of decaying.. time has been put into our original state of unlimited existance...and its finished. Time will soon be stopped. The Creator has joined his creature to make all things ok.. The way to God is open again because of Him. (John 14;6) FOREVER will soon be experienced in reality. Like a dream but its real? :) 

Nice vid.. keep it up kids.. :) happy viewing!


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